NFB Hardboard

NFB hardboard

Fibreboard is formed by high pressure compression and temperature during a pressing process.

The high density boards satisfy the most demanding applications as a result of tempering or other treatments that achieve great physical and mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability.

Raw and lacquered hardboard panels are used in a lot of applications including construction, packaging, furniture, upholstery, door skins, toys, and automobile and caravan interiors.

For example, NFB hardboard is required for packaging of fruits, vegetables, and mineral water bottles because it is a natural product. The unique wet-process production system produces NFB hardboard that features a smooth side and a mesh pattern on the reverse. The patterned surface is valued by the packaging industry as an anti-skid surface. In addition, special NFB hardboard can be produced for roof underlay board applications with very high resistance to humidity and water absorption.

NFB hardboard is available in a wide range of products and thicknesses to satisfy customer requirements.

NFB hardboard also is used in highly specialised applications including perforated boards and boards for moulding. NFB producers can offer customers additional special services including cut to size, and drilling and milling.


Lacquered and Printed NFB Hardboard

NFB lacquered and printed hardboard is free from harmful chemicals and safe in manufacturing and the environment.

As a result, consumers can use NFB fibreboard with confidence in their homes.

The NFB hardboard painting system guarantees industry and end user’s needs will be carefully addressed. NFB painted boards are available in full and cut to size dimensions to satisfy customer requirements. The paints normally used for plain colours and wood-grain printing are water based. After printing, the board surface is coated with acrylic UV protection that makes the surface very smooth, strong and resistant to scratch, in the most demanding applications.

NFB painted hardboard is available in an unlimited selection of plain colours, printed woodgrains and patterns. The boards are used to create building interiors (walls, decors, exhibition displays) and furnishings (drawer bottoms, cupboard inners, kitchen fittings).


 Major Characteristics of NFB Hardboards

(based on EN 622-2 standard) – thickness ≤ 3,5 mm








> 900

EN 323

Bending strength


> 30,0

EN 310

Internal bond


> 0,5

EN 319

Moisture content


> 4%

EN 322

24 hour swelling


< 35%

EN 317

Formaldehyde emission


F****/< 0,03

JIS A 1460/01

EN 120

NFB has the same content of formaldehyde as natural wood